5 Holiday Spots for The Perfect Summer Vacation

bridge leading to water bungalows - fiji

For many, the urge to travel around the globe and especially during summers peaks. Obviously, the ideal vacation depends on the kind of traveler and the kind of experience you are looking for. To help narrow down your scope of potential holiday spot, here are some of the best spots for the perfect summer vacation […]

The Rules of Glamping – 21st Century Camping Chic

It’s the word that was on everyone’s lips over the summer as a million and one Brits that don’t usually ‘do’ camping decided to rough it in style. The idea of ‘glamping’ has been around for a while, but has only recently come into its own as a genuine holiday type in its own right. […]

Five reasons to come to Peterborough

The city of Peterborough in the county of Cambridgeshire has a population of more than 186,000. It’s the largest city in Cambridgeshire and stands on the river Nene, which flows into the North Sea. It’s also a vibrant city, with a thriving tourist and industrial life. Here are just a few reasons why a trip […]

How to Maximise Money on a Cruise

It’s probably fair to say that cruises aren’t usually associated with budget breaks and bargain holidays. Quite the opposite in fact as ever since the idea of the international cruise was first floated…no pun intended…they’ve been more associated with elite circles and rich living. Sure, they’re not as expensive as they used to be, but […]

Uncovering the Underground: what you didn’t know about the Tube

The London Underground public transport system is used by millions of people every year, many passing through its maze of walkways without giving its history or capacity a moment’s thought. Yet the underground maze of tunnels, tracks and stations is a fascinating part of London with many hidden stories and impressive statistics to its name. […]

Explore Croatia’s Hotspots

In 2013, around 400,000 holiday makers from the UK travelled to Croatia for their annual holiday. Already up by 25% compared to 2012, these numbers are expected to rise even further this year, as Croatia becomes one of the hottest holiday destinations, in more ways than one. After falling off the holiday radar in the […]

Make the Most of your Easter Holidays

With passing time, new trends emerge to make holidays more special. There are a number of ways to celebrate Easter, involving the whole family in the joyful preparations. Some people go on holiday, while others enjoy decorating their homes and exploring new ideas for egg hunts. If you are planning to take time off work […]

World’s Most Beautiful Places To Cherish The Family Relations Together

  The kids’ happiness is the first and fore most need of every parent in this world. How do kids enjoy and what do they like are the questions which keep revolving in parents mind and so they do everything to satisfy children demand. Travelling is one of the biggest thrill for kids’; no matter […]

Welcome the New Year in, in style

New Year’s Eve is one of the best excuses of the year to celebrate. Whether you like to be at the heart of a massive party, or prefer to see in the new year snuggled up to a loved one, it is one of the most important nights of the last 12 months. If you are tired of doing the same thing and attending the same parties, make 2013 the year you jet off somewhere fun or exotic to see how New Year’s Eve is marked in other countries around the world.

10 Most Adventurous Places For Holidays

  The country’s vast natural resources, favourable economical conditions, versatile industries, entertainment veneues, diversity of recreational places, highest quality productions, availability of affordable brands and great friendly citizens; make it interesting, beneficial and adventurous for foreign and local visitors. With this thought; Holiday Square brings you the top 10 adventurous destinations to explore and celebrate. Spain […]