Five Weekend Breaks That Actually Improve with Autumn

While it’s safe to say that the peak of the UK’s holiday season has been and gone, it’s not to say that there isn’t still plenty of time to cram an amazing break or two into 2014. It’s always unfortunate when individuals, couples and families alike base their travelling decisions solely on the weather when there are dozens of easy to reach destinations that actually come into their own on this exact side of summer.

So, while you may have to bid farewell to the beaches and sunbathing for a few seasons yet, you could always try one of the following top five suggestions for a dream autumn break:


There are two reasons Edinburgh is the perfect place to head for a quick weekend break – one being that its compact size makes it easy to explore and the other being that it can be rather on the expensive side to stay longer! From Hollyrood Palace to the Royal Mile to the unmissable Edinburgh Castle, it’s a tale of wall to wall world class attractions the likes of which are best seen when the crowds have dispersed and the weather isn’t quite so stifling. And what’s more, the city’s parks are arguably at their most beautiful of all in the autumn.

County Wicklow, Ireland

Straying just a little further than the shores of the UK for a moment, County Wicklow delivers the quintessential Irish experience above and beyond most other regions. Dublin continues to stand out as the visitor’s city of choice, but to be honest when it comes to soaking up the best of Ireland’s beauty and heritage, you have to move away from the big cities. And let’s not forget that County Wicklow is a global magnet for A-Listers, having pulled in more famous faces over recent years than anywhere else in Britain!

The Cotswolds

Beautiful in the summertime and quite gorgeously cosy in the autumn, technically there isn’t any time of year when The Cotswolds isn’t the prettiest area of England. Here’s where you’ll find every cosy pub, cute hotel and breathtaking view you could ever wish for and some of the most indulgent spas imaginable. And just like everywhere else, prices come down a treat in the autumn time and the whole place is delightfully quieter.


If you haven’t yet tried the Copenhagen way of life, there’s no better time to go than in the autumn. What’s quite fantastic about Copenhagen is that even at this time of year, the whole place has already started to begin looking and feeling quite wonderfully festive and is guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas. Chilly it might be, but Copenhagen never fails to warm the soul.


Last but not least, Paris is another city that’s best visited when the crowds have gone home and the summer sun is mercifully a thing of the past. The streets and squares of Paris can become painfully hot and dangerously overcrowded in the summer, just in the same way the prices tend to be astronomical. However, favour October over August and your reward will be the opportunity to explore one of the world’s most stunning cities in absolute peace, quiet and tranquillity.