Why you should consider India as your next holiday destination

India is fast becoming a tourist destination of choice for many people, thanks to its long history, unforgettable culture and welcoming people. From unspoilt villages and countryside to vibrant cities and entertainment; relaxing beaches to lush jungles, it really does have something for everyone to enjoy.

Here are eight more reasons why India should feature on your list of holiday destinations.

Culture and diversity

India’s rich history as a major trading country of the ancient world has brought it into contact with a diverse range of people and cultures. The effects of this are still very evident today, with colourful folklore, clothing, music and cuisine available at every step. There are a staggering 23 languages officially spoken in India too, increasing the diversity and adding to the country’s welcoming vibe.

Music and dance

As already mentioned, India has much to offer when it comes to music and dance. The northern part of the country is well-known for the freestyle bhangra form and rhythmic Garba, while the south embraces classical dance and music styles such as Bharatanatyam. Indian music has a haunting, distinctive style, thanks to the use of instruments like the sitar, tambura, sahnai and tabla. Visitors can experience Indian music and dance live, as well as in numerous films and recordings.


This Indian film phenomenon has spread across the world, bringing it colourful costumes, songs and storylines to a far wider audience. By visiting India, you can visit the places where these lively productions are filmed and soak up the atmosphere. You can imagine yourself in your very own Bollywood masterpiece as you explore the many colourful destinations that India has to offer.

Indian cuisine

India has some of the most succulent food you will ever taste, with each of its 29 states serving up their own distinct style of cooking. Curries and other main dishes are prepared using a range of spices to suit your tolerance to heat and strong flavours. Some familiar Indian dishes to try while you are in India include tandoori, korma, rogan josh and butter chicken. Cool down again with some delicious kulfi, or Indian-style ice cream. Or, take the plunge and ask to sample what the locals enjoy to enjoy a truly authentic Indian meal out.

Architecture to dream of

The elaborate temples and beautiful landmarks of India must be seen to be believed. While everyone has, of course, heard of the Taj Mahal, there are countless other wonders to discover. Each landmark has its own glorious mix of influences from different Indian regions and other countries and cultures, including Britain, France, Portugal and Persia. Great cities to visit for their architecture include Goa, Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. You can also visit several outstanding UNESCO world heritage sites while you are in India – something for your bucket list?

A spiritual journey?

Visitors to India have their own reasons for making the trip. Many will be travelling as part of a spiritual journey, partly due to the prevalence of temples and other iconic religious buildings and sites located around the country. Yoga originated in India, and its influence is still apparent, with many ashrams, monasteries and other sites offering classes in yoga, meditation and other spiritual activities and experiences. Find inner peace in this most mystic and beautiful of countries.

Landscapes and adventures

India also boasts close proximity to the majestic Himalayas, which have captures the imaginations of adventurers for hundreds of years. Active holidays in India can encompass such pursuits as hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, paragliding, river rafting and zip-lining. If you are not one for lazing around on holiday, India has plenty of exciting activities on offer to help you get your adrenalin fix.

Relaxing zen and calm

On the other hand, India’s beautiful beaches with endless sand, softly lapping waves and stunning coastal wildlife will help you relax and escape the turmoil of daily live for a while. Lie back and relax in your very own piece of paradise on Earth. Head for the beaches of Goa, Havelock Island or the Konkan Coast to get away from it all and enjoy a wonderful, tranquil time. Combine a beach holiday in India with some meditation or yoga, and you really will have the ideal recipe for achieving total calm and relaxation.