Who is the world’s most travelled person?

Many travel-lovers like to think that nobody else hastravelled as much as they have, but nobody could have travelled by air as much as 74-year-old Fred Finn. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Fred has travelled to 150 countries and now qualifies for the title of ‘’ most air miles flown by a person’’.

In an interview with HuffPost Live, Fred revealed how he has spent 16 million miles and limitless hours  somewhere among the winds and clouds.

Fred began his travels with a stay in New York, going across the Atlantic. He kept on travelling every week for about four years. When Concorde came out, he joined its first flight out of Washington, which meant he could connect in Nairobi or Singapore on the same day and do the trip in nine hours instead of the original 18.

Fred is a businessman who travels internationally for his work. He has three passports attached to each other, full of valid visa stamps. But now he only carries his British and US passports and often asks for stamps to be waived to save space.

While he lives most of his time in Ukraine, he prefers travelling with only one passport.

Fred also claims to be the top writer on TripAdvisor, with up to 43,000 followers. His contribution to the popular travel website is his way to capitalize on his extensive experiences and discovering new lands, which is a priority for him in all of his travels.

Fred thinks that simply transferring foights in an airport doesnt count as actually visiting the country. He says that you should look round the country and leave with good memories of itso that you can properly say that you have been there.