There’s More To Eastern Europe Than You Think

People’s perception of Eastern Europe is often a group of urbanised, cold countries that don’t have much more to offer than a hideout for laddish football fans. That is where people go wrong because a lot of countries in this area are actually amazing holiday destinations. Not just for city-breaks either, there are stunning beaches and plentiful sunshine to enjoy and it’s not really any different from going to Costa Del Sol for a week. Places like Bulgaria and Albania have some beautiful stretches of coastline and exciting nightlife just five minutes’ walk away. More and more people are starting to notice what these countries have to offer and they’re growing in popularity as a holiday destination.

If someone says they’re going on holiday you would think of places like Paris, Amsterdam or Kavos, not Prague or Budapest, right? But that’s the thing, these places have some fantastic architecture and views, while offering just as much culture as the usual cities you would think of. Each country has its own unique experiences and you should pick your destination carefully to make sure it has what you’re after.

The Czech Republic has pretty much everything to offer, so it’s more a case of going to the right town with this country. Prague is an amazing city; whether you’re in your 60s or 20s you’ll love it. There are historic buildings like Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral to explore. Prague is also famous for more than just its memorable buildings. Each year, thousands of young people flood into the city for its massive techno parties and raves . Going out in Prague can mean one of two things. You can either go to a club with big name DJ’s from the west, or you can pick up a flyer and end up at one of the many famous warehouse raves happening throughout the city. Despite being in the middle of Europe, there are also beaches in the Czech Republic. One excellent example is Lhota Lake, which has clean, warm water surrounded by a sandy beach. There is even a section for nudists!

Another great destination is Slovakia. Like the Czech Republic, it has some lovely architecture and quaint little towns, but that isn’t what I will be focusing on. Skiing is the new attraction in the country, yet it still hasn’t really caught on with tourists who would rather go to the Alps. There are two reasons to ski in Slovakia instead of Switzerland. First, there is the cost as it is much cheaper than most other places in Europe. The second reason is that it is off the radar, which means you can go there with your family and simply enjoy it without an infestation of tourists getting in your way. Skiing in Slovakia is ideal for people who want a quieter get-away in beautiful, undiscovered surroundings .