How to get the best out of your flight to India

Flying long-haul doesn’t always come top of people’s list of their best ever experiences. However, it is recognised as necessary if we want to enjoy holidays, trips and travel to far-flung destinations. Flying to India can be made far easier with some careful preparations and research around key aspects, such as how far in advance to book, how to secure the most comfortable seat and what to wear on the flight.

Buy your ticket as early as possible

There are many advantages to being organised, not least having enough time to secure your plane tickets at a far more reasonable price. Often, waiting for last-minute deals does not reap quite as large a discount as you might have been hoping for, and choice will be far more limited when it comes to dates, times and seat allocations. Purchasing your tickets through Tickets to India will allow you to enjoy competitive prices and excellent customer service, whenever you choose to book.

Dress for comfort on the flight

Regardless of the weather that you are leaving, or flying into, you should plan your in-flight outfit carefully for maximum comfort and wellbeing. Avoid anything tight or fussy, especially if your seat doesn’t have a lot of space around it. Go for comfort over fashion too, especially if you are planning to sleep on the way. Nothing spoils a look quite like a crumpled outfit that you have slept in. and probably dribbled on too.

Watch your health on the plane

Having to sit in the same position for long periods time during a long-haul flight to India can put you at greater risk of developing conditions such as a DVT, or deep vein thrombosis. As well as choosing loose clothing, experts recommend the use of compression stockings or socks to help with blood circulation and reduce the risk of swelling in your ankles, legs and calves. Take regular breaks to stand up and stretch, or walk around the plane. Go easy on the alcohol, as this can make you feel unwell, particularly at higher altitudes. You may wish to wear a face mask to guard against viruses, bugs and other nasties being transmitted around the cabin.

Make the most of your time onboard

If you plan to sleep during the flight, bring along a travel pillow and light blanket or shawl – or make use of any provided by cabin crew. Close any windows next to you and, if available, pull the curtain around you for extra privacy. Ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones, along with the obligatory sleep mask, can also help block out intrusive sounds and light to help you nod off more easily. If you want to stay awake, you can enjoy an in-flight movie, do some duty-free shopping or read up on the many attractions and delights that await your arrival in India.

Bring your own snacks

While modern in-flight meals are doubtlessly full of nutrition and flavour, being able to choose what you eat and when is a particular joy when stuck on a long flight. Pack some security-friendly snacks, or buy them in the airport before boarding and stash them in your carry-on luggage for easy access whenever you wish. Don’t forget a bottle of water. Avoid items that contain nuts, just in case your plane has people with nut allergies onboard. You may also want to check what restrictions exist in your destination country for bringing edible items in, as some things could be banned for various security or public health reasons. If in doubt, finish your snacks before leaving the aircraft.

Stay hydrated

We have already mentioned buying or bringing along a bottle of water, and this is very important. Staying hydrated during a flight to India is a key part of staying fit and well while you are en route. It is no fun feeling thirsty and not having any water available, although cabin crew should be on hand to provide you with what you need. The air inside the cabin will be bone dry, which exacerbates the effects of jet lag, increases symptoms of thirst and leaves skin looking dull. Apply a hydrating skin cream to your face, neck and hands to help restore moisture.