How to Choose your Perfect Holiday Apartment?

Holiday Apartments

Choosing your holiday accommodation can be quite an complicated process. What kind of place do you want to stay in? Where should it be located? What kind of luxuries are you hoping to find there? The obvious choice is a hotel, where you can be waited on and can enjoy an element of luxury during your stay.

However, more and more people are opting instead for self-catering options, thanks in part to the flexibility they offer.  According to Collingham Serviced Apartment – self-catering apartments in the heart of London, more and more people are realising the benefits of being able to come and go as they please. Here are some of the reasons why holidaymakers choose a self-catering break.

Local gastronomy

True foodies don’t just enjoy eating out in foreign places, they love to get stuck in to prepare the dishes themselves. Sourcing ingredients in local supermarkets and buying from farmers’ markets will produce some genuinely local meals that are interesting to research and prepare.

Flexible timings

Hotels can sometimes operate on strict timings, with meals at set times and curfews preventing too late a return at night. If you are travelling with young children who cannot wait too long into the evening for dinner, or don’t know when you will be able to eat if you are visiting friends, going to a theatre performance or attending a formal occasion, being able to come and go as you please will be a godsend.


Having your own self-catering apartment, which you can retreat into after a busy day sightseeing has much to recommend it. Most apartments come with their own living room and dining area as well as the bedrooms, giving you more space to relax and more options to spend an evening ‘in’. Entertainments, such as WiFi, TV and DVD players also help pass the time, without having to step outside, should you wish to remain private.

Business benefits

Business travellers can also benefit from staying in self-accommodation, rather than a hotel. Often, it is a slightly cheaper option and, again, you have greater flexibility in terms of eating and space to carry on meetings into the evening. You will have your own kitchen to boil up a coffee, no matter how late you must stay up, working into the night.

Home from home

Staying in a hotel. however luxurious, can sometimes feel a little impersonal, with identical decor in every room and staff coming and going all the time. Self-catering apartments tend to be decorated in a more individual way and you can even pick up design ideas to take back home with you.

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