How our Luggage Packing Style Explain our Personalities

Packing styles

We all have our own ways of doing things. Even our unique packing styles disclose our personality hidden traits e.g. are we organized in decision making or pretty confused in carrying out life difficult tasks?

The packing style also depends upon what accommodation we have selected e.g. is it a five star or a boutique hotel.

The creative style

The artists who have creative minds produce brilliant paintings, decoration pieces and sculptures also show skills in packing the right way. They try new methods in accomplishing this task. From packing to folding, every segment is a blank canvas to draw their organized visions.

If you are traveling with an artist, you will never get bored. They take brilliant photos and find beauty in everything they see.

The rolling style

There a lot of people who pack clothes after rolling them. The reason behind doing so is the elimination of the wrinkles and addition of space. Of course, all of us need lot of extra space to place more things inside.

This shows you have more likely a followership approach than being a pioneer. Being a follower isn’t a wrong approach because a follower will be a follower only if he has perfect learning skills.

The over-packing style

The mind of the over packer is full of experimental beliefs. It is similar to over-thinking habits and trying things for which you care less.

Over-packing leads to payment of extra fees so one must see if he really needs something to take along with him. Normally, their bags are full of unwanted things or unworn clothes. The situation gets worst if you are asked at the airport to unzip your suitcase for checking purposes.

Over packers also like to enjoy the same kind of things on trips which they have been enjoying at home. So they got logic to carry things with them which they believe are necessary and important.

The backpacking style

The backpackers are energetic and physically fit people who keep practical things inside the bag. Carrying a bag over the shoulder articulates a unique image of travelling.

Backpackers show their venturesome personalities. They are the true nature-seekers, who are ready to meet the challenge of building a temporary shelter over-night. Backpackers could be students studying abroad, adventurous travellers, employees having night shifts etc.

The hack-er packing style

The hack-er packers have distinctive style of packing. They do absolutely weird things e.g. they fully utilize an empty space inside the shoe and place any even nail-cutter inside. They always keep plenty of tiny things inside like rubber bands to cover their razor blades.

Their packing style indicates their confused and curious mind. They even spent hours in researching which place they are visiting and why they are visiting.

The expert packing style

They are absolutely efficient in packing and travelling. Their arrangement provides them excessive ease and comfort with no stress. Their trips are not long enough that they need big bags. They are product great things with little resources.

You can imagine their management by observing them at the security check post, where they keep electronics in easily accessible pockets.