Finding Bargain Spring Breaks

Spring time

Winter can be a dreary time, with chilly weather, coughs and colds and evenings drawing in from as early as half past three. So if even the thought of Christmas is not enough to cheer you up, the answer could be to start thinking about a spring break for 2014. But where to start with the holiday planning?

Go online to grab a good deal

The rise of comparison websites, selling all kinds of services from insurance to flights means that competition has really heated up online – and the customer is reaping the rewards. By shopping around on the internet, you can often find exactly the same holiday on offer at vastly differing prices. Once you have chosen your destination, accommodation and preferred means of travel, don’t just book it with the first travel agent or website you see. Spend some time looking round to finds the best deal – it will be time well spent. The same goes for travel insurance and currency exchange.

Think outside the box

People like to return to favourite holiday destinations – or they are happy to take friends’ recommendations for popular hotels and resorts. Consequently, once the demands is there in a fashionable or favoured holiday destination, so the prices start to rise. Particularly if you have to take your holiday during the school holidays. Give the matter some more thought this time round and don’t just follow the crowd. Can you book your break during term time (although check your school’s absence policy first and make sure you are not subject to unexpected repercussions or hefty fees)? Could you bear to give a brand new, less popular location a try? Lesser-known destinations often do not command such elevated prices – and can turn out to be a hidden gem that you will feel thrilled and privileged to discover.

Cater for the kids

Families with younger children will know that one secret to a stress-free holiday is to choose a place where the children will enjoy as well as the adults. Good UK-based options include Butlins and Centerparcs, while European breaks to Disneyland Paris or Legoland in Billund, Denmark will go down very well. Alternatively, if you are willing and able to push the boat out, children find it hard to resist the many, varied attractions of America.

Rule Britannia!

Finally, as the wind blows and the rain lashes down, it can be hard to recall a time when the British weather smiled upon us. Yet smile it does, and often in the spring and early summer months. There are many delightful holiday destinations to be enjoyed right on our doorstep, from the rugged drama of the Scottish Highlands to the quiet charm of the Cornish peninsular. There are impressive cities to explore and quiet countryside areas to relax in.

Whatever kind of holiday you like to take, perhaps it is time to stop bracing yourself against the cold winter winds and start dreaming of a warmer spring break. Go on… what’s stopping you!?