Explore the Coffees of Europe

Coffee beans

Coffee must be one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many of us like to enjoy different flavours, e.g. cappuccino, baked dry fruits coffee, chocolate even gingerbread and much more. Coffee-lovers keep searching for new cafes to enjoy all kinds of international coffee flavours.

Europe is known for its distinctive taste for all types of desserts and food recipes. Coffee offers a unique sensation on the palate, which is admired and appreciated everywhere. Especially when you are on holiday in a serviced apartment, where you can sit for hours in a nearby café and enjoy any flavour of coffee you like, while soaking up the local culture.

To following are a few tips to consider when you visit a café in Europe.


In England, Starbucks uses different names for flavours; e.g. not necessarily the same as on other continents. So make sure you go through the ingredients or ask the servers how they have made it. For example, a super strong Espresso served in a large mug is known as an Americana.


In France, staff in the restaurants and cafes won’t mind how long you stay there after you finish your coffee. If you get a chance to enjoy your coffee outside the café on the pavement, you will notice that all the chairs are arranged to face the street, which means you can enjoy the French culture of watching people go by while you’re sipping away!


In Austria, coffees are served in different way e.g. a cappuccino is often served with whipped cream on the top. This adds to the decorative aesthetics plus the taste is also much nicer.

Continental Europe

In Continental Europe, there is no concept of coffee takeaways. You will never see people carrying paper or polystyrene coffee cups. If you are going to enjoy coffee, you must do so at the bar or café.


Coffee offered in Greece has a transparent look and is thick and strong. It has four main styles ranging in sweetness. First is Sketos, which is not that sweet second is Metrios – slightly sweeter. Third is Glykos which is more sugary and the fourth one is Ghlee-KOHSS, which is very sweet indeed.


In Spain, there are several ways to order coffee. There is a Café Solo which is offered in a small cup and is strong and black. Another variety which has a unique taste and is lovely to enjoy in the summer, is Café Solo Con Hielo . This comes with ice on the top. Café Americano is perhaps the nicest one: it’s a shot of coffee whipped with milk on the top.


In Turkey, coffee is richer in taste. You will even taste cardamom and coriander. A Turkish proverb about coffee says, ‘’Black as hell, strong as death, sweet as love’’.


In Scotland, you must visit The Elephant House which offers different coffee flavours. It has such a unique atmosphere that even J.K.Rowling wrote her earlier novels while sitting there.


Switzerland is one of the countries where coffee consumption rate is the highest.  The Swiss people create a variety of recipes and way to make coffee taste sweeter than ever before. It comes in flavours such as Café crème, Café mélange and Schale.


Coffee is thought to have originated in Ethopia, Italy. This country is famous for its coffee culture and Italians are appreciated worldwide for their talented coffee-makers. In Italy, if you enjoy your coffee standing up, it is much cheaper than if you had enjoyed it sitting at a table.