Beach holidays are always full of fun and if you have your family along with you, then the fun element in your beach holiday will just double. Practically, there will be no person who won’t love beach holidays. Spending some quality time on the beach isn’t only fun, but in addition to that the person […]

Tips to Keep Your Suitcase Safe While Travelling

Have you ever experienced losing your luggage? Remember how it felt when you saw the last bag rolling around the airport roundabout and it wasn’t yours? This is nothing less than a traveller’s nightmare; this is the moment when you know your travelling has gone awry. While losing or getting your luggage damaged is a […]

Five Weekend Breaks That Actually Improve with Autumn

While it’s safe to say that the peak of the UK’s holiday season has been and gone, it’s not to say that there isn’t still plenty of time to cram an amazing break or two into 2014. It’s always unfortunate when individuals, couples and families alike base their travelling decisions solely on the weather when […]

Your Hostel Survival Guide – How Not to Spoil Your Trip

Mention the idea of a hostel to anyone and chances are their reaction will be one of excitement or horror…there’s scarcely any middle ground to speak of. For some, the idea of sharing a huge room with a thousand and one strangers just a few feet away at all times is simply brilliant. For others, […]

Winter Beach Holidays – Cream Up and Cover Up, Health Groups Warn

Shocking new data has come to light suggesting that skin cancer rates have tripled since 1990, despite all advances in modern medicine and the world’s advanced state of health education. According to recent studies carried out in the US, much of the explosion in skin cancer diagnoses is attributed to younger travellers – many of […]

Five reasons to come to Peterborough

The city of Peterborough in the county of Cambridgeshire has a population of more than 186,000. It’s the largest city in Cambridgeshire and stands on the river Nene, which flows into the North Sea. It’s also a vibrant city, with a thriving tourist and industrial life. Here are just a few reasons why a trip […]

Essential Reasons To Take a Camping Holiday: The Three S’s

Birds chirping, the smell of pine trees, rays of sun glistening off the lake. The most peaceful and popular holiday this season might also be your favorite. Camping is an affordable and fun holiday option that can fulfill your wants and needs for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Stress The most obvious (and obviously important) […]

Finding Bargain Spring Breaks

Winter can be a dreary time, with chilly weather, coughs and colds and evenings drawing in from as early as half past three. So if even the thought of Christmas is not enough to cheer you up, the answer could be to start thinking about a spring break for 2013. But where to start with the holiday planning? The rise of comparison websites, selling all kinds of services from insurance to flights means that competition has really heated up online…

How to Save Money on your Holidays

When on holiday, it can be tempting to overspend, or not keep track of what you are shelling out for until you get home to the dreaded credit card bills. It’s far better to stick to your agreed budget and know exactly what you need to buy – and how much you should expect to spend […]

Make Your Children’s Dreams Come True this Holiday

A child’s dream is as precious as the child himself. Every parent on the face of earth hopes to transform his child’s dream into reality, in any way possible. This week, Holiday Square brings you ten top places to help your kids’ dreams come true. Take a look! A place where nothing is out of […]