There’s More To Eastern Europe Then You Think

People’s perception of Eastern Europe is often a group of urbanised, cold countries that don’t have much more to offer than a hideout for laddish football fans. That is where people go wrong because a lot of countries in this area are actually amazing holiday destinations. Not just for city-breaks either, there are stunning beaches […]

The 5 Safest Cities in the World

Safety is a primary concern for all of us when travelling, especially when we are doing so alone, since the chances of potential dangers increase when you are on a solo adventure. Secondly, there is no point travelling when you know that you will be unable to overcome any disasters on the way. So there […]

A Weekend in Krakow

How Krakow managed to stay off the mainstream tourist map for so long we’ll probably never know. What we do know however is that the Krakow of today is considered Poland’s cultural capital and never fails to place within the world’s top ten most beautiful cities. Of course, all this newfound fame and fortune is […]

Thailand for Timid Types – A Realistic Destination?

Mention the word ‘Bangkok’ and chances are you’ll immediately put the fear of God into anyone that doesn’t have a somewhat developed taste for adventure. In fact, it’s hardly common to hear of anyone with a somewhat shy and retiring nature giving the slightest thought to travelling to Thailand – a country somewhat notorious the […]

Just a Week To Spend in the USA? Try New York and Boston

When most folk make the decision to head to the US these days, it’s a case of all or nothing. They either opt for a short two night trip to New York just to see the sights, or they go for the lavish four-week cross-country tour…anything in the middle tends to be much more of […]

Australia – Amazing Holiday Destination

Australia is an amazing country to visit and this video shows you exactly why you should go there at least once in your life. There is truly no-where else like it in the world and you won’t regret visiting at all. Where Australia is so big it truly caters for all needs whether you plan […]

London Theatre Hotels – Trade Secrets for Snagging Steals

London is pretty notorious the world over for its high accommodation prices and the closer you head toward the city’s West End, the more you can expect the price to pack a painful punch. In fact, if you don’t want to spend a pretty tidy three-figure sum on a pretty basic bedroom for the night, […]

How to Choose your Perfect Holiday Apartment?

Choosing your holiday accommodation can be quite an complicated process. What kind of place do you want to stay in? Where should it be located? What kind of luxuries are you hoping to find there? The obvious choice is a hotel, where you can be waited on and can enjoy an element of luxury during […]

Explore the Coffees of Europe

Coffee must be one of the most popular drinks in the world. Many of us like to enjoy different flavours, e.g. cappuccino, baked dry fruits coffee, chocolate even gingerbread and much more. Coffee-lovers keep searching for new cafes to enjoy all kinds of international coffee flavours. Europe is known for its distinctive taste for all […]

How our Luggage Packing Style Explain our Personalities

We all have our own ways of doing things. Even our unique packing styles disclose our personality hidden traits e.g. are we organized in decision making or pretty confused in carrying out life difficult tasks? The packing style also depends upon what accommodation we have selected e.g. is it a five star or a boutique […]