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10 Most Adventurous Places For Holidays


The country’s vast natural resources, favourable economical conditions, versatile industries, entertainment veneues, diversity of recreational places, highest quality productions, availability of affordable brands and great friendly citizens; make it interesting, beneficial and adventurous for foreign and local visitors.

With this thought; Holiday Square brings you the top 10 adventurous destinations to explore and celebrate.




Spain is known as UK’s number one holiday destination. The beauty come in all packages e.g. the islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Tenerife delivers breathtaking views. It has luxurious beaches like Costa de la UZ AND Catalonia Northern Spain with shimmering water and colored fish. One of the magnificent features of Spain is its delish food; which is of the highest quality.

Cycling on roads is one of the astounding things a visitor would love to enjoy. For sports lovers, La Manga Club offers world class tennis facilities and three championship golf courses. The journey in high performance trains such as La Robla and Transcantabrico will give you exposure of citizen’s life in Spain.



Le Eiffel Tower

Discovering the sumptuous places in France forms perfect association of nature and human gratification. As the views on Islands of the Mediterranean and Francophiles are absolutely eye catching. You would love beaches of Corsica and Ile De Re, shopping in Paris, playing golf and much more.

You can even go for ski on a budget, visit Disneyland Paris, and enjoy timeless beauty of sunshine on the Cote d’Azur.



Breathtaking scenery in Greece

Greece is a perfect destination with simple and advanced combinations. It is the whitewashed villas, the amazing café and restaurant bars and the splendid seashore views at the island of Crete. The Greek food has simple recipes delivering delicious food, which is both traditional and healthy.

The Corfu’s villas have a great appeal for visitors; as well as fundamental Greek Islands such as Paxos. It is perfect if you love to go for boat trips.

To give you high level energy, Greece further offer Lakitira Beach resort which has package of watersports.



New York City

USA is quiet diversified with adventurous places such as landscapes, beautifully sculpted sights and great food. New York is one of the popular cities in USA rather world. It has got 24/7 of high culture which includes luxurious hotels and limitless number of restaurants. The country side includes harmonious farms with green beauty.

Other highlights include advanced cities of Las Vegas, New York, Washington and Virginia. Niagara Falls is one of the iconic destinations in the USA, one must not skip. Other than that, you can enjoy great musical festivals, roller coaster rides at national parks and interacting with Mickey Mouse at Disney land.

Great Britain


London’s nightlife

UK includes astounding places such as the Yorkshire, Lake District, Dales, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, East Anglia and Scotland.

It offers many holiday adventures e.g. live theatres with movie premiers and great performances, cultural museums, boating holiday, finest gardens, high quality hotels and much more.

Scotland is known to be one of the world’s most beautiful countries. There are vast beautiful fields, small-boat cruise, riding a train or take sea tours to see whales, otters, seals and porpoises.



A quiet Italian restaurant

Italy gets the highest rating when it comes to summer holiday destinations in Europe.

If you want to experience la dolce vita, take a ride to Rome, Venice and Florence. Renting a villa a pool would be a great thing to go for when visit the countryside or close to a beach.

Great works of the Renaissance would increase your knowledge and also perfect place for taking absolutely amazing photos.  There are also Italian lakes, great beaches, boasting medieval market towns, historical places, museums, wonderful vineyards and so much more.




Turkey forms a bridge between countries and is surrounded by water from both sides. It’s an awesome destination for a dream holiday; you would love the finest beaches, and the great city of Istanbul. You must and must try it in spring or Autumn.



Iconic landmarks in Egypt

Egypt is a country for historic treasures because of the world’s biggest attraction – the Pyramids. The Nile cruise, Red Sea resorts, temples of Karnal and Luxor, the city of Cairo with abundance of artistic museums and good value hotels are all there to provide you with a great holiday experience.



Waterfalls in Croatia

Croatia’s pristine coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world and one of the most unspoilt in Europe. The stunning islands such as Hvar, luxury hotels, historic city of Dubrovnik, and great food at Peal of Adriatic should not be missed.



A beach in Thailand

Thailand is known to be the Land of Smiles. It’s also one of the best places to do extensive shopping because the prices are just too low. Most of its hotels are of highest standard in the world.

It also has got unique cultural heritage including the Buddhist hotels and beautiful city of Bangkok.