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Our Lady's Beach

Five Most Spectacular Coasts In South Europe

Ready to discover the most beautiful beaches in Europe? Here are some of the best beaches for relaxing, partying, or just walking. Discover the best beaches in Europe. Take a look at our selection of the most beautiful beaches on the European coast. Pack your swimwear, sunglasses, don’t forget your sunscreen and discover these heavenly beaches.

1- Our Lady’s Beach

The Notre Dame – or “Our Lady” beach situates in Porquerolles – France. Hyères is the highly popular seaside resort on the French Riviera. It offers charming and well-preserved beaches, clear water, and lots of bright sunshine days. Whether you’re looking for shade, seclusion, or family fun, with over 40 kilometres of coastline, you’ll have a variety of lagoons to choose from to swim, build a sandcastle, or take the day’s card.

Bordered by a beautiful but fragile pine forest, Notre Dame Beach is as spectacular as the other beaches of Porquerolles but less crowded. The current vegetation restoration program requires everyone to take care of the environment.

2- Navagio beach

To feel the spirit of ancient Greece legends and the freedom of turquoise sea water you should visit  Zakynthos coast in Greece.

Navagio Beach, or Shipwreck Beach, is an open cove sometimes called the “smugglers’ cove” on the coast of Zakynthos, in the Ionian Islands of Greece.

It has been named so since 1983 when the alleged smugglers’ ship Panagiotis crashed on the beach while transporting cigarettes. Navagio is located on the northwest coast of Zakynthos (Zante), in the municipality of Election.

The area stands out for its sheer limestone cliffs, white sandy beaches and clear blue waters that attract thousands of tourists every year. The beach strip can only be reached by boat. Regular beach tours depart from Porto Vromi to the south and from Agios Nikolaos and Cape Skinari to the northeast. Boats also arrive from the harbour of Zakynthos. 

3- Zlatni Rat beach

Have you ever heard about the coast in Brac island that lays in Dalmatia, the famous Croatian beach? 

Zlatni Rat often is translated from the local Chakavian dialect as the Golden Cape or Golden Horn. It looks like a strip of land located about 2 kilometres (1 mile) west of the port city of Bol on the southern coast of Croatia. The island of Brac is a popular place for tourists and is one of the most beautiful places for rest in the region of Dalmatia. You will enjoy the water of the Adriatic sea and the cosiness of Croatian hospitality while looking at Golden Cape beach spectacular horizons.

4- Calo de Moro

Palms of Mallorca are so beautiful that they inspired poets and songwriters. Actually, Spain has lots of gorgeous beaches but this one is special because of its spirit of serenity and complacency.

The crystal clear waters, white sand, and chalkstones covered with wildflowers and red clay stripes make the coast opened to winds from east to southeast, feel magical.  If you try the water, reach a sandy bottom, ideal for scuba diving and anchorage of small boats at a depth of three to four meters, there’s you will really meet an underworld. This charming place is only two nautical miles from the port of Cala Figuera Santanyi.

5- Praia Marinha

Algarve is famous not only thanks to its golf courses and religious tourism in Portugal.

The Praia da Marinha (in English: Navy Beach) is one of the most emblematic and beautiful beaches of Portugal, located on the Atlantic coast in Caramujeira. the Lagoa Municipality in the Algarve area is filled with the spirit of old medieval traditions and outstanding nature. In 1998, the beach coast was awarded the distinguished “Golden Beach” award by the Portuguese Ministry of the Environment because of its outstanding natural qualities. Furthermore, many pictures of this beach have often been used in promotional material and “Guides of Portugal” distributed around the world.

This beach worth visiting not only for its beautiful cliffs but also for the high quality of the water. Clean Marinha Beach has often been used by international advertising agencies and by television producers in advertising campaigns. Selfie, made here looks 100% more beautiful because of sunshine memories and salt wind coming from the Atlantic Ocean directly into your heart.